ERC is a leading provider of supervisor training.

We work with organizations to create a customized training solution, and we deliver the courses nationwide in a variety of formats.

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Details & Benefits of Supervisory Training

What Makes ERC’s Training Program for Supervisors Different?

  • Application-based training: ERC uses a proven model as a guideline for building effective and application-based supervisor training that addresses customers’ individual needs
  • Driven by an organization’s needs: ERC conducts an assessment of each situation, depending on the complexity of each organization’s training need
  • Customized for each organization: ERC then designs the appropriate training solution, focused on the specific audience, and chooses the appropriate tools and techniques that will make the training “stick” and be able to be used immediately on the job.

Who Should Attend ERC’s Supervisory Training Courses?

  • Newly promoted supervisors
  • Supervisors who have been in the role but never received formal training
  • Supervisors who want to develop better management skills and be more effective in their role

ERC’s Supervisory Training Program Deliverables

Our supervisor development training includes participant guides and evaluations to assess the program’s effectiveness.

What Do Participants Receive?

  • Customized materials: ERC works with organizations to produce materials that are customized to the needs of the organization and the training audience.
  • Structured note-taking guides: ERC develops participant materials as “structured note-taking guides” that serve as a follow-along workbook that participants can write in and make into their own document.

Are Participants Evaluated?

  • ERC can evaluate training participants at all four of the Kirkpatrick levels of evaluation. Level I evaluation is included in the standard pricing.
  • Pre-and post-tests can also be provided to help an organization measure knowledge and assess improvement of the participants after completing supervisor training.

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