Ohio-based organizations that desire to improve their efficiencies and maximize their time and resources turn to ERC for a Fractional HR Solution. This temporary HR support service assists with day-to-day HR management and administration for a fraction of the cost of a full-time human resources professional.

Our HR specialists draw from ERC Membership services to address the HR needs of employees at all levels in the short term so you can focus on your long-term strategy and goals.

Our Process

ERC Membership

Our Fractional HR solution includes valuable access to ERC Membership resources and services. This includes access to sample policies and job descriptions; local, national, and regional (Ohio) benchmark data, compensation data, training and professional development, and more.

Project Plan

Our Fractional HR support professionals deliver a tailored project plan, including recommendations aligned with your Ohio-based organization’s business goals. The project plan includes a prioritized list of action items to ensure compliance and achieve desired organizational outcomes.

Fractional HR Support

ERC’s Fractional HR support services offer the expertise of a dedicated human resources professional. Our certified and credentialed HR consultants have decades of HR experience, supporting organizations of all shapes and sizes in Ohio with employee relations, compliance, employee engagement, and more.

Fractional HR Support is ideal for…

Organizations Without a Full-Time HR Professional

Small and mid-sized businesses may not have a dedicated HR professional, but they still need to provide general HR support to management and employees.

Organizations With a Gap in HR Support

Whether an unexpected departure or paid leave, Fractional HR can be a great way to support day-to-day HR or specific projects on a short-term basis.

Organizations in Transition

From rapid growth to preparing for a sale, organizations in transition need to ensure they are compliant and have the right policies and practices in place during periods of transition.

HR Compliance

A Fractional HR professional can help your Ohio-based organization stay up to date with the latest labor laws and regulations related to employment, employee benefits, and workplace best practices.

Employee Relations

A Fractional HR specialist can provide support and guidance to foster a positive and productive work culture. This can include conflict resolution, policy implementation and enforcement, employee handbook reviews, and employee disciplinary guidance, all intended to support a strong company culture.


Our HR specialists can help you transition new employees smoothly into the organization and become productive as quickly as possible. This can include all regulatory onboarding paperwork, benefits administration, handbook and/or policies review, and culture assimilation. If applicable, an HR specialist can also assist with employee offboarding, ensuring a smooth and compliant transition, and minimizing risk.

Performance Management

A Fractional HR specialist can work with managers to create clear goals and expectations for each employee, provide recommendations for coaching and development, help build a rewards and recognition program, and support the overall performance management of the organization. These activities are intended to improve employee engagement and create a positive work environment.

Compensation Support

Whether you’re recruiting and hiring for new positions or want to ensure your current compensation is competitive, our HR professionals can provide you with market compensation data to support your goals.

Stay & Exit Interviews

ERC offers both Stay Interviews and Exit Interviews to support a comprehensive employee feedback program. By engaging in meaningful conversations with your team members throughout their tenure, we aim to help you uncover insights to increase retention, boost employee engagement, and gain valuable insights into the factors driving turnover.

HR One-on-One

Whether someone is new to human resources or simply wants to advance their knowledge and understanding, HR One-on-One covers the critical components HR professionals need to know.

This one-on-one session with a credentialed HR Consultant helps leaders build the right set of skills and knowledge to implement best practices that will successfully support HR initiatives and drive business outcomes.

What You’ll Learn:

You’ll learn about workplace requirements, the employee journey, and required U.S. employment laws.

HR Essentials

  • Required labor law and workplace practice obligations
  • Recruitment, hiring, and onboarding best practices
  • Employee documents and recordkeeping
  • Managing employee performance and engagement
  • Employee discipline and termination of employment

Employment Laws You Need to Know

  • What is covered and not covered under the FLSA
  • How to calculate an employee’s regular rate of pay and overtime
  • Classifying employees as exempt or non-exempt
  • Examples of compensable working time
  • When and how to provide eligible employees with 12 weeks of unpaid, job-protected leave each year
  • FMLA notice requirements
  • What an employer must do to comply with the ADA
  • When an accommodation becomes an undue hardship

Frequently Asked Questions

Fractional HR can be quite advantageous from a cost perspective.

For organizations without an existing HR employee or department, Fractional HR services can be an affordable solution for managing day-to-day HR or specific projects. Some small-to-mid-sized organizations may not require a full-time HR employee, which can be costly with salary, benefits, and overhead expenses.

Organizations looking to fill an employment gap, whether due to an expected departure or a leave of absence can control costs by leveraging Fractional HR services rather than hiring a temporary HR professional.

Fractional HR services enable organizations to pay for HR services in short periods of time, optimizing their budget allocation and providing a more affordable solution for their HR needs.

Typically a Fractional HR professional will report to the organization’s leadership or management team. Depending on the organizational structure, they may report directly to the CEO, business owner, or a designated executive such as the Chief Operating Officer (COO). The reporting relationship ensures clear communication, alignment with business goals, and effective collaboration between the Fractional HR professional and the organization’s decision-makers.

ERC offers Fractional HR support, which refers to HR support on a part-time basis for a predetermined period of time. A qualified HR professional assists with specific HR tasks, projects, or ongoing support. This arrangement is ideal for organizations that require project-based assistance within the areas of HR compliance, handbook and policy review, employee relations, onboarding, performance management, and compensation support.

On the other hand, a Fractional HR Executive refers to engaging a senior-level HR leader on a part-time or interim basis to provide strategic HR guidance and oversight. A Fractional HR Executive is often a seasoned HR professional with extensive experience in HR leadership roles. They can offer higher-level strategic planning, organizational design, talent management, culture development, and executive-level HR support. This arrangement is ideal for organizations that need strategic HR direction and leadership without the need for a full-time executive-level HR position.

ERC’s Fractional HR professionals possess decades of experience in the HR field. ERC’s HR consultants have a proven track record, comprehensive knowledge of HR best practices, and practical experience in managing various HR functions, enabling them to deliver top-notch support and guidance to our clients. Our team can access ERC’s local and national benchmark data, tools, and resources to provide you with comprehensive solutions. Learn more on our ERC Team Members page.

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HR in a Pinch: Why Fractional HR May Be Right for Your Organization

Fractional HR is a modern, adaptable solution to HR that provides organizations with human resources expertise on a part-time, project-based, or interim basis.

Rather than hiring a full-time HR professional, fractional HR can offer specialized support tailored to the organization’s needs. This model allows organizations to access high-quality HR experts and professionals without the overhead and long-term commitment tied to a permanent position.