Deploying an employee engagement survey is a common, necessary initiative that many organizations utilize to achieve and retain a highly productive, competent, and motivated workforce.

ERC’s employee engagement surveys measure the level that employees are committed to, involved with, emotionally attached to, and satisfied with their work and organization. The answers that these surveys gather drive business outcomes, such as productivity, performance, retention, and profitability. Learn the value and strategy behind these important tools by contacting us. 

Features of ERC’s Employee Engagement Survey

ERC’s proven employee engagement survey model measures employee responses on a six-point, Likert scale spanning levels of agreement. The employee engagement surveys are standardized but allow for customization to reflect organization-specific terminology and analysis by relevant demographic groups. Our surveys offer the following features:

  • Guaranteed confidentiality
  • Our own statistically valid and reliable instrument
  • Administration online
  • Results analysis by demographic group
  • Benchmarks of your results against top performers from ERC’s NorthCoast 99 award-winning organizations
  • Comprehensive results report featuring recommendations correlated to increased engagement
  • Communications support, including pre-survey announcement and employee results report
  • Facilitation of a results review meeting with your leadership team

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How to Improve Engagement and Culture

Employee engagement surveys are a crucial part of creating an engaged workforce. Yet, they are also not the center of what your organization should be doing to engage employees. Continually connecting and talking to employees about engagement-related issues and keeping an eye on their feelings about work make all the difference in the workplace.

Furthermore, make engagement a pillar of your organizational culture and have leaders who truly understand how they play a role in employee engagement. These factors are equally critical to creating an engaged workforce. Contact us to learn more about how you can take an employee engagement survey today and get your team on the right track.