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Competitive compensation programs promote business success. ERC can help organizations of all industries and sizes with a range of compensation consulting services from market pricing, salary structure design, and pay analyses, to compensation strategy including executive, sales, and other variable pay strategies.

Employee compensation is one of the largest expenses for any organization, and an effective compensation program rewards performance that drives business results. Organizations that are proactive with their compensation structures and plans are more successful in recruiting, motivating, and retaining critical talent.  

ERC’s Compensation Consulting Services

ERC can assess your current program and can help modify or design an effective and sustainable compensation plan going forward. We help organizations assess where they are compared to the market and their peer organization, and design and implement a plan going forward.

Market Pricing

Determine market pay competitive, identify gaps, and develop action plans.

Total Rewards Strategy

Develop, refine or articulate your strategy

Salary Structure Design

Design or modify your existing salary structure based on industry best practices.

Sales Compensation Effectiveness

Solutions to sales effectiveness and commission plan issues.

Variable Pay Plans

Design variable incentive programs, including management plans, and more.

Our Compensation Consulting team is supported by ERC’s extensive access to local, regional, and national survey data that includes industry survey data and peer benchmarking studies.

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HR Data Supports Successful Business Decisions

When companies undergo a merger, they must take the time to understand each other’s respective cultures, processes, systems, and workforces. Through our rich hiring and compensation data and support from our HR advisors, National Interstate Insurance was able to successfully merge three distinct companies and meet growth projections.

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