Our members and clients from Northeast Ohio and across the globe are committed to building great workplaces. We’re proud to provide them with the HR resources, workplace data, and learning and development solutions they need to become employers of choice. Explore some of our favorite success stories below.

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Success Stories From the ERC Community

Learn how we’ve helped over 1,000 companies gain a competitive edge! Discover some success stories below.

Competitive Compensation Data & Practices Drive Growth

Today’s job market is more competitive than ever before, and ideal candidates are receiving equally competitive offers that include enhanced benefits, a robust salary, and more. Discover how we were able to help Apple Growth Partners dramatically improve hiring outcomes and make them stand out above their competition.

Training Improves Team Productivity, Communication, and Engagement

In order to properly engage employees, companies are looking for insights and personalized training courses that offer flexible delivery styles and topic choices. Through these courses, employees and leadership garner improved communication and team-building skills to them and their organization succeed. Learn how our training classes helped Bettcher Industries with talent development and increased productivity and communication.

Expert HR Data Supports Successful Business Decisions

When companies undergo a merger, they must also take the time to understand each company’s respective culture, processes, systems, and workforce. Each factor is integral in developing strategic key performance indicators (KPIs). Through our rich hiring and compensation data, and support from our HR advisors, National Interstate Insurance was able to successfully merge three distinct companies and meet growth projections.

ERC Is 100+ Years – Young!

ERC was founded in 1920 by local manufacturing company leaders. Take a look back in time at our history and how we’ve evolved over the decades into a leading human resources organization.