Are Supervisors and Managers Allowed to Yell at Employees?

Are Supervisors Allowed to Yell?

Work can be stressful at times. Projects may be piling up or sales goals aren’t being met. Depending on the leadership in your organization, you may come across a supervisor or manager who tends to communicate in a more aggressive fashion, by yelling. A supervisor’s tendency to yell at employees may seem like it is the “wrong” way to manage people. But is it?

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10 Crucial Skills Supervisors Need to Have

8 Crucial Soft Skills Supervisors Need to Have soft skills training topics for employees

Soft skills are essential for successful professional development. According to research by Stanford Research Center, Harvard University, and the Carnegie Foundation, 85% of long-term job success depends on well-developed soft and people skills.

The benefits of having employees with strong soft skills include better customer service, improved communications and team interactions, stronger relationships, and increased efficiency.

Here are 10 crucial soft skills supervisors need to have:

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Span of Control: How Many Employees Should Your Supervisors Manage?

Span of Control How Many Employees Should Your Supervisors Manage supervising employees effectively ideal span of control

How many employees do your supervisors manage? Has your organization considered the effects of what narrow or wide supervisory and managerial spans of control mean for your employees and the levels of support and empowerment they receive on the job?

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ERC Welcomes Two New Team Members


Highland Heights, OH – ERC, the trusted 103-year-old organization that helps leaders build great workplaces through thought leadership, comprehensive data, and HR solutions is pleased to announce that John Anitas and Caroline Reed have recently joined the company.

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