ERC offers our popular supervisory training and leadership development courses on select dates throughout the year. These open-enrollment training programs cater to individuals and organizations that wish to send small groups of no more than 10 employees. Individuals can self-register for the open enrollment courses or be enrolled by an HR manager or business leader. ERC’s classes are led by experienced instructors in a small group setting virtually and in person at our state-of-the-art Training Center in Northeast Ohio.

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We update our public enrollment schedule daily to reflect upcoming classes and events. Click on a course below or view all of our course offerings and events in the Calendar View.

Public Training Course Delivery Benefits

The training delivery method most suitable for you and your organization is dependent on your unique talent development needs and goals. ERC’s open enrollment training courses cater to individual employees and small groups to promote class discussion and the inclusion of diverse perspectives.

Rooted in Recent Research

Our training solutions are built off current industry trends, best practices, and data-driven insights. Course content is audited frequently for relevancy and accuracy to ensure participants are provided with the most up-to-date content and information.

Small Class Sizes

We purposefully limit the number of registrants for each course to improve learning outcomes. Small class sizes enable learners to interact with the instructor as well as fellow class members, which ultimately, increases engagement and the transfer of knowledge.

Lively Group Discussions

Whether in a virtual or in-person format, ERC’s public training courses engage participants in live group dialogue. By sharing ideas and listening to one another, attendees learn new perspectives and gain a deeper understanding of the course content.

Opportunities for Practice

To enhance their learning, our public trainings give attendees the opportunity to practice their new skills and engage in role-playing activities with their classmates during class.

Flexible Times & Dates

ERC hosts public training courses and series multiple times throughout the year. We offer class sessions both in the morning and afternoon to accommodate busy schedules.

Led by Experienced Facilitators

Our instructors are vetted, subject-matter experts who have real-world work experience. We only schedule facilitators who specialize in the respective training program content.

Job Aids & Resources

We present each learner with a guide to reference and helpful, supplemental resources to apply to their jobs.

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Meet Our Trainers

ERC has a team of accomplished subject matter experts who facilitate our public training courses. They bring real-world, practical experience to engaging, interactive sessions on over 100 topics. Click below to learn more about our trainers.