Selection assessments are advanced recruitment tools that evaluate whether a candidate is suitable for a position. Selection assessments are integral to an organization’s selection process as they provide valuable insights into how a candidate will behave and respond in practical scenarios. Organizations use selection assessments to determine whether job candidates will perform well and make significant contributions to their company.

ERC’s Employee Selection Assessment Solutions

ERC’s employee selection solutions assess pre-hire and promotion candidates for positions ranging from entry-level to CEO. Our services help maximize the “fit” between the individual and the role, thereby maximizing individual and business performance.

The selection assessment process includes the administration of a variety suite (battery) of thoroughly validated, peer-reviewed measures that tap numerous factors, including:

  • Work
  • Leadership style
  • Workplace needs
  • Achievement drive
  • Reasoning
  • Emotional stability
  • Team focus
  • Detail emphasis
  • Structure
  • Flexibility
  • Interpersonal and communication style
  • Responsibility
  • Rule conscientiousness
  • Innovation

Results are presented via a written report and follow-up conversation. The assessment battery, report format, and feedback mechanisms can be tailored to meet special organizational needs. All assessments are completed online.

Benefits of Employee Selection Assessments

Maximizes Resources

Many organizations spend extensive amounts of money, time, and resources to recruit and attract the best candidates. The use of selection assessments helps hiring managers select highly qualified and suitable candidates, thus maximizing ROI and improving the bottom line.

Reduces Bias

Selection assessments are standardized. They present candidates with the same situations, questions, and tests, and simultaneously, eliminate bias in the selection process.

Estimates Candidate Potential

A selection test assesses the characteristics and potential of candidates, which cannot be fully known through personal interviews and other selection methods.

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Achieving Maximum Fit Using Assessments for Employee Selection

Recruiting and hiring the right people for the right position is an essential piece of an organization’s success. Employee selection is much more complex than an impressive resume and a feeling that the candidate is a cultural fit. When your employee selection is approached without supporting data, it may result in high turnover, low morale, increased stress and decreased productivity. When supported with assessment data, employee selection could bring your organization to the next level.