Team Building Activities Around Northeast Ohio

Team Building Activities Around Northeast Ohio

Team Building Activities around Northeast Ohio

Team building activities provide multiple benefits for both the employer and employee. It can improve communication between departments, boost employee morale and not to mention, will add a little bit of fun to everyone’s day.

Here is a list of ideas to improve your team’s morale, all around Northeast Ohio.[more]

  1. Love food?: Is your workplace the culinary type? Taking them to a cooking class, where they will work on communicating and building a stronger work relationship by participating in “Top Chef” style challenges. A popular option is schedule the Cleveland
    Team Building cooking class offered at The Western Reserve School of Cooking.
  2. Corporate Challenge: In the summer, companies of every size in Northeast Ohio come to compete in 14 different sporting events around Cleveland to see who will be crowned Corporate Cup Champion. The competition promotes company camaraderie, wellness and networking, all while supporting local charities. Each company entering the Corporate Cup Division is able to pick a charity of their choice to compete for monetary winnings to donate.
  3. Nature lovers: If you are looking to incorporate team building with nature, Mohican State Park may offer what you’re looking for. With both indoor and outdoor team development programs, at Mohican you can do anything from building a race car, to participating in a scavenger hunt through the Ohio State Park Lodge. There may be a bit more driving involved with this one, but it’s one your team won’t forget.
  4. Random acts of kindness: You can decide to do one day of a random act of kindness, or you could decide to do it throughout the whole year. There is no time limit on this one. It may be surprising someone on the street with a 10 dollar bill, or maybe it’s choosing a family in need to give them school supplies for the year. It’s up to you and your team what the act is. Whatever you all decide, surprising someone with a gift is a great way to bond as a team and make everyone feel like they made an impact. Another idea is to volunteer at a local non-profit. These organizations, such as the Ronald McDonald House in Cleveland, offer team building activites, such as cooking a meal together, doing chores around the facility, or even renting out a conference room for activies. It’s a great way to get your team to work on a project for a great cause. 
  5. Great Lakes Science Center: If your co-workers are into science, look no further than the Great Lakes Science Center. It offers a variety of exercises and hands-on activities that build camaraderie such as an egg drop challenge or more proactive activities throughout the center that are led by a staff educator.
  6. Up, up, and away!: Is your team into adventure? If so, why not a hot air balloon ride in Cleveland? Team members will have a chance to improve their cooperation and communication skills by being involved in every aspect of flying a hot air balloon. Your team will have a chance to set up, fly, and tear down.
  7. Tag, you’re it!: Another great team building activity is laser tag. Players learn to use coordination and communication to outwit their opponents. This activity is sure to bring on the laughter and friendly competition.
  8. Building blocks: Bricks4Biz is a unique take on team building. By using Lego’s, you and your team are given custom sessions/challenges that encourage team work and help employees break out of their comfort zone. Teams will focus on problem solving, motivating, and building stronger communication and trust with one another.

When choosing a team building event for your workplace, make sure that the event fits with your work culture and are sure it’s something everyone will enjoy.

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