HR Analysts Experience Job Growth Statewide

HR Analysts Experience Job Growth Statewide

In an era where an uncertain economy demands that business expenses undergo intensive financial scrutiny and metrics such as “return on investment” or ROI calculations are a driving force behind business decisions large and small, benchmarking trends in human resources is part of the expected norm.

From compensation and benefits analysis to a wide variety of workplace practices benchmarks, HR plays a major role in analyzing how your organization’s pay and benefits practices stack up next to the competition. Demand for this type of data driven decision making bodes well for the HR specialists whose major job duties involve analysis and reporting of these critical HR metrics.

According to the 2012 ERC Salary Survey, professional positions such as HRIS Analyst, Compensation Analyst and Benefits Analyst reported median salaries are very much in line with Ohio specific data cited under “Occupational Wages & Employment” from the Occupational Employment Statistics survey. Although the median salary for Compensation, Benefits, and Job Analysis Specialists in Ohio ($53,900) falls below the national median ($57,900), Ohioans in HR analyst positions can expect much higher job growth numbers (16% from 2008-2018) than projected nationally (5% from 2010-2020).

For more information on HR department metrics download ERC’s 2012 Turnover and HR Department Practices survey report today. Other local workplace practices and policy benchmarks can be found in ERC’s Survey Data section.


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