Common Barriers to Excellent Communication Skills

Common Barriers to Excellent Communication Skills

Common reasons communication breaks down in the workplace

When training and working with leadership groups, ERC often asks our groups if they can tell us the difference between talking to other people and talking with other people.

Within this process, even if it’s difficult, relationships are still being built and better rapport is happening. The long term result is there are fewer breakdowns in communication because everyone knows and understands one another.

What leaders need to remember is that communication building takes time.

Top leadership behaviors leaders struggle with today

Mueckenheim has worked in a wide variety of industries, but it never seemed to matter who she was working with, every leader struggled with the same things.

  1. Follow Through
  2. Consistency
  3. True Meaningful Communication
  4. Dealing with Performance Issues
  5. Correcting Someone’s Performance While Still Encouraging Them
  6. Coaching
  7. Mentoring

What employees may not understand sometimes is that everyone has stress, including their senior leaders or middle managers, and everyone is pressed for time. So if everyone within the company can take the time to improve their focus and efforts, there will be a more cohesive feeling in the workplace.

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