An Introduction to Background Screening Program Assessments

An Introduction to Background Screening Program Assessments

When working with a background screening company, it’s important to understand the measurement programs they are utilizing, and making sure they are up to industry standards, best practices and legal compliance. In February 2014, we sat down with Greg Dubecky, President of Corporate Screening and one of ERC’s preferred partners, to discuss background screening checks and he shared some information that organizations may not have been aware of.

What are the core components of a Screening Program Assessment (SPA)?

“The core components of our background screening program assessment is education and value,” says Dubecky. “It’s introducing employers to the background screening service and the value that comes with it.”

SPAs not only help make a company’s experience a lot more efficient, it also helps employers understand how to apply industry best practices and how to better comply with background screening laws and regulations.

“The core components of SPA is really to allow employers to understand how they can better apply industry best practices, comply with laws that govern background screening regulations, and how they have the ability to make their program more efficient,” says Dubecky.  

What makes Corporate Screenings’ Screening Program Assessment unique? 

Corporate Screening really takes a deep dive into the screening program process. This is done through surveys and reviewing information of a company’s policy on background screening.

“Then we put all of that information together to create a gap analysis. After that, we identify where that company’s program can improve,” says Dubecky.

How much does a SPA cost?

According to Dubecky, the cost of a SPA depends on the size of the organization.

“Corporate Screening services organizations from small mom and pop shops to enterprise level organizations,” says Dubecky. “Customers who have signed up for SPA do not pay anything for it because that’s part of the service. However, organizations that don’t want to use Corporate Screening services as their screening vendor, but want the screening program assessment, will pay a fee.

Dubecky stresses that the fee is so minuscule compared to the amount of money that organizations will save as a result of being a more efficient shop. Also, they can expect to be fined for an improperly prepared or designed background screening program.

Why is a SPA important?

A screening program assessment is important for an employer because a properly designed program will help that employer:

  • Eliminate risk due to non-compliance
  • Streamline their candidate pipeline
  • Create a process that helps mold with their HR work flows
  • Maintain their strong reputation in their organization
  • Reduce overall background screening spending

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