4 Tips to Planning a Successful Company Holiday Party

4 Tips to Planning a Successful Company Holiday Party

4 Tips to Planning a Successful Company Holiday Party

Planning a company holiday party can become overwhelming if you overly concern yourself with trying to please everyone. It’s important to keep the purpose of the event at the forefront of your mind at all times, it’s to celebrate with and show appreciation for your employees and their hard work.

There’s plenty of aspects that go into planning the event and we went straight to the experts at Food for Thought to give you helpful tips. We spoke with President and Owner of Food for Thought, Bonnie Matthew and here’s what she said.

1. Plan Early

The earlier you begin to plan, the easier things will be leading up to the event. Begin in October to set a date, a theme, a budget, and a timeline. When you are able to provide those details to your chosen venue and your caterer, these vendors will be better equipped to help you with decisions.

2. Offer Variety

Although it may seem nearly impossible to please everyone at a company holiday party, the one thing you can focus on to get your employees raving about the party is food. Providing a variety of options for your holiday party attendees ensures that there is a little something for everyone, including those with dietary restrictions.

3. Safety First

It is a company party in which your employees are expected to conduct themselves properly but if you are providing alcohol, consider springing for an Uber or a cab service to make sure your employees get home safely.

4. Trust your Team

Be sure to team with someone you trust that can help your party come to life. You have a variety of other responsibilities in addition to planning the company party and it’s important to recognize it. Choose vendors that you trust to do what’s best for your party and for your budget.

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