Technical Training: Not Just for Manufacturers Anymore

Technical Training: Not Just for Manufacturers Anymore

Technical Training: Not Just for Manufacturers Anymore

Technical training is more than just basic electrical skills and machinery troubleshooting. It’s moved beyond the warehouse and factory. The advancements of technology in society, especially in the business world, have transformed the associations of what constitutes as “technical training.”

In fact, an article from the Harvard Business Review notes that “managers understand that having employees who understand the latest tools and technologies is vital to keeping a company competitive.”

Technical training encompasses the hands-on approach that enables active learners to perform better than passive learners. Technical training still encompasses those much-needed topics on hydraulic troubleshooting, blueprint reading, and industrial maintenance but it is now a familiar term with any professional in-need of more hard-skills training.

Technical training in its truest sense is the training of technology. This category of training covers administrative process efficiency, IT departments, and the factory machines (and much more.) Now that you know the broad-brush of what technical training entails, here’s ways you can implement at your organization:

Lean Office

Lean Office training is the office-version of Lean Six Sigma which enables organizations to eliminate waste and improve efficiencies. Lean Office training programs look at administrative processes and find improvement solutions.

Lean Office helps identify, prioritize, eliminate, and establish improvement plans for activities such as customer service, billing, support, and more.

Statistical Analysis

Statistical analysis training is designed for any professional that uses statistics in their professional work. This type of technical training is perfect for business analysts, marketers, and the like. If you have any positions in your organization that are required to collect, analyze, interpret, present, or organize data, statistical analysis training can do wonders for your organization.

It is important for employees to have this skillset to better themselves at decision-making that impacts the quality, reliability, and predictability of your business.

Computer Software

Computer software training is an all-encompassing term that includes any type of training on a computer- (or cloud-based) software. This includes CRM, Microsoft Office Suite, POS systems, and much, much more. It is uncommon nowadays to find someone who doesn’t interact with some sort of technology at work therefore this type of technical training is essential to every business. 

Technical training is something every business can implement in their organization to build a better, stronger, more skilled workforce.

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