Payroll, Taxes and Benefits, Oh My!

Payroll, Taxes and Benefits, Oh My!

Human Resource professionals work daily with things like payroll and benefits inside their own organizations. But what about the companies that provide these services to many organizations? What can we learn from the professionals who work with so many different employers? We got the chance to talk with ADP, not just about the services they provide, but how to successfully help companies combine different services and technology and make life easier  for the HR professional. 

Why do companies call?

“We have companies using us for everything from stand-alone tax filings to complete HCM, or Human Capital Management,” says Stacey Drozda, Client District Manager at ADP. “Today though, with the newly released Affordable Care Act  (ACA)reporting requirements taking effect, companies have questions. We’re finding that a lot of organizations don’t have the ability to  produce the  necessary reporting from their existing systems, and that’s where we come in,” says Drozda.  

Because of ADP’s size, and because it has been an industry leader for over 65 years, ADP is able to consistently invest in enhanced technology so that it’s always a resource for clients.

It’s all about the consultative approach

“It’s so critical to take a consultative approach. Every organization is different and has different needs. Because of the analysis we do upfront and the tools we have, we’re able to provide a prospect with their TCO, or Total Cost of Ownership,” says Emily Kelley, Major Accounts Sales District Manager at ADP.

“Through our analysis, we’re able to show what every employee is really costing a company. What is really eye opening for a lot of CFO’s or heads of HR is to see this data benchmarked against others in their industry or of a similar size.”


With being a globally recognized company, ADP has quite a few success stories.

“A 400 employee financial-services organization was with another payroll vendor & wanted to experience a unified system of data for all things employee-related.  This included time off, pay statements, and benefits enrollments.  ADP was able to provide time & bandwidth back into the HR department through a blend of our Workforce NOW technology, employee self-service and a higher level of benefits administration support, so they could focus on top-level strategy initiatives such as recruitment & increasing employee engagement,” says Drozda.

What does the future have in store for ADP?

Kelley and Drozda see three core areas that are going to be at the forefront of ADP’s business.

  • Strategic HR – Over the next 2-5 years, a major workplace demographic change will take place as the baby boomers continue to exit the workforce and millennials take over the majority by 2017. Companies thinking strategically will utilize organizations like ADP, so that they can spend their time attracting and retaining top performing employees, while we provide the systems and compliance support to execute their goals.
  • Global HR – When you have employees in several different countries, obtaining workforce data, seeing numbers in real time and keeping everyone on the “same page,” it can be quite a challenge. As more and more companies look to expand globally, they need a company that offers multinational HCM support. This includes compliance, data accessibility, and so much more. ADP can show its global HCM tools to an organization who can’t do this today.
  • Data Security – This has become an issue for so many organizations, who are really beginning to question how secure their current systems are. Because of ADP’s size and financial strength, it can ensure that the security meets the highest standards, which is something ADP prides itself on.

Sponsoring NorthCoast 99

ADP has sponsored NorthCoast 99 for many years. But what has kept them interested in the program for  so many years?

“Well, in the early days, before we became a sponsor- we used to be a winner. Knowing that our company was being strategic and doing the right things by our own employees to attract and retain top performing people, and having the data to verify this, was a great exercise for us,” says Kelley.

“As we’ve been able to grow, it’s certainly something we continue to do today. But given our business, we decided it was more important to financially support this program so that it becomes a reality for many more organizations in our region. By supporting NorthCoast 99, we’re taking an even more active role in carrying its mission throughout Northeast Ohio. We’re truly excited to honor the winners each year. They’re making huge strides both within their workplaces and for our region,” says Drozda.