Non-Profits Offering Paid-Time-Off Banks

Non-Profits Offering Paid-Time-Off Banks

According to the 2012 ERC Non-Profit Benefits Survey, the non-profit sector in Northeast Ohio appears to be a bit ahead of the curve in terms structuring the paid time off offered to employees. The more flexible, all inclusive, “paid-time-off” or “PTO” banks are being used by 45% of the non-profit respondents, while other ERC surveys from earlier in 2012 have reported numbers closer to 30% or even lower. Although there is some variability in the samples from year to year, the Non-Profit Benefits survey shows a clear trend with the use of PTO banks hovering just under the 50% mark from 2009-2012.

The types of paid time off included in these banks overwhelmingly include vacation time and sick time, both at 88%. Personal time is not far behind with a clear majority (69%) of participants indicating that their PTO banks do include time taken for personal reasons apart from illness or vacation. However, 2012’s survey, the remaining two categories, “holidays” and “bereavement” found little consistency between demographic breakout groups- particularly in terms of annual revenue and number of employees. Overall, only 27% of the organizations incorporated holidays into the PTO bank and 23% included bereavement leave.

Comparison of Types of Paid Time Off included in the PTO Bank

Number of Employees  
 Over 500100%33%
Annual Revenue  
 $0 – $4,999,99931%31%
 $5,000,000 – $19,999,9990%17%
 $20,000,000 +50%17%
All Organizations27%23%

The total number of days offered to employees in their PTO bank increases with years of service within the organization and ranges from 12-28 days. In general each year of service brings the average number of days offered up steadily by no more than two days per year. One exception to this pattern is found early on when an employee reaches a full year of service. At that point the average number of days offered jumps up five, from 12 (less than 1 year of service) to 17.

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