It’s Time To Turn Your Managers Into Coaches

It’s Time To Turn Your Managers Into Coaches
It’s Time to Turn Your Managers into Coaches

In the 2017 ERC/Crain’s Cleveland Workplace Practices Survey, the majority of respondents noted the hiring and retention of talent is their biggest organizational challenge, and that employees were the greatest strength of their company.

Why is it then, that 65% of respondents do not have mentorship programs in place, and only 36% of organizations have a career development program or initiative for employees?

Managers have the responsibility of ensuring their department goals, and the goals of their employees not only support the organization’s goals and strategies, but are done so in an efficient, budget-friendly, and productive manner. Beyond this, great managers ensure that their employees are engaged and developing through coaching.

It’s time to shift the focus away from ineffective performance management processes to a process that builds trust, collaboration, and encourages innovative, forward-thinking. Coaching provides the opportunity to have more frequent, focused, and constructive conversations around individual, departmental, and organizational goals that employees are contributing to.

Organizations grow and prosper when people are contributing at the highest level possible.

Coaching employees can result in a variety of benefits such as increased productivity, improved retention, increased employee engagement, performance improvement, and identification of high-potential employees, just to name a few.

However, according to a report from GloboForce, 93% of managers feel they need training on how to coach their employees.

For organizations that do not currently use coaching at any levels, begin at the top down. Bring in a consultant to help develop a coaching strategy for the entire organization and implement a goals-driven approach.

For organizations that only use coaching at senior leadership levels, develop a game plan that allows all levels of employees to benefit from coaching.

Training managers to be coaches is not an overnight task. It’s a strategic decision for an organization to support. It will take time, expertise, resources, and experiences for a manager to become a coach. And as the age-old saying goes, “the best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second best time is now.”

ERC provides Executive Coaching to help develop your teams and employees.

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