ERC Health Renews Record 95% of Pool

ERC Health Renews Record 95% of Pool

2011 represented ERC Health’s middle market program’s largest renewal ever, with 95% of the groups eligible for renewal staying with ERC Health. One of the most compelling reasons groups found to remain in the pool was the ability for the pool to have created such a rate differential with the market. 

The ERC Health program over the years has released well below market trend pricing year after year allowing for a significant difference versus higher new business rates from competitors.  In fact, 2011 was the eleventh consecutive year that ERC Health rates have beaten the market averages. The experience of the July 1 renewal is a testament to the program’s structure and to the groups statewide that leverage ERC Health for long term cost savings and better health.  

The ERC Health middle market program is designed for companies with more than 50 benefit eligible employees and is underwritten by Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield. Some of the benefits include free fitness club memberships for employees, on-site wellness coaches and access to all major hospital systems!

“We are thrilled to share this news with our ERC Health organizations,” comments Pat Perry, President of ERC. “The program is continuing to grow and be a model of how to proactively manage your health insurance costs. It allows organizations to control costs both short and long term while providing new and innovative ways to keep employees happy and healthy. The focus has been on reducing claims through health education, risk reduction, wellness and proper plan designs.  We’re delighted with these results, but are already looking forward to more enhancements to the ERC Health program later this year that will make it even more exciting for participants.”

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