Create a Culture of Kindness to Boost Morale

Create a Culture of Kindness to Boost Morale

Create a Culture of Kindness to Boost Morale

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As we begin a new year, consider making a resolution to create a culture of kindness in your organization. Giving and receiving kindness can improve our overall well-being and productivity by creating an environment that promotes team building and positivity.

Kindness – the warm-hearted gesture of a stranger genuinely smiling and holding the door, the friendly morning hello from a colleague, the sharing of hot cocoa with a friend in need. Whether random, planned, lasting, or just in the moment, the experience of kindness does something good to us, and inside of us.

It connects us to humanity and a universal language of generosity and friendliness.  When we’re connected, we’re healthier –body, mind and spirit. We feel the “Helper’s High” from increased biochemicals such as dopamine, endorphins and oxytocin.  Kindness reduces our stress and induces calm.  It improves cardio-vascular functioning, expands longevity, and fosters emotional warmth in our relationships.

Cultivate kindness and begin experiencing the positive effects:

Practice Gratitude

Giving thanks is proven to beget a cycle of reciprocal kindness that strengthens immune systems, improves sleep and builds resilience.

Spread Positivity

Positive thoughts toward self and others boost our energy and resistance to illness, broaden our minds and creativity, and increase our coping skills.

Share a Laugh

Joining together in laughter (not just in stress) relieves pain, soothes tension, and elevates mood.

Go live:  Face-to-face acts, of compassion, charity and benevolence contagiously spread joy. No matter how mini in size, in-person kindness facilitates experiences of well-being and good fortune, and reduces feelings of resentment and isolation.

Open your hearts

Tune-in to your natural desire to support, cheer, lift, comfort, help, and give. What are you waiting for?

Hold out Your Hands

Don’t forget to receive kindness where it’s offered. Experience the jolt of energy and the motivation to keep giving and receiving.

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