Choosing an MCO (Managed Care Organization)

Choosing an MCO (Managed Care Organization)

ERC is proud to endorse CareWorks as the preferred workers’ compensation Managed Care Organization for its’ members. From April 28 through May 23, 2014, Ohio employers have the opportunity to select a new MCO to medically manage their workers’ compensation claims for the next two years.

  • During this year’s 2014 MCO Open Enrollment (April 28 – May 23), ERC encourages you to select CareWorks as your new MCO to medically manage your workplace injuries. There is no cost to make this selection, and it only takes a few minutes.
  • If your company is already enrolled with ERC endorsed CareWorks, you need not do anything during this year’s Open Enrollment, and you will be automatically re-enrolled with CareWorks.

Now is the time to partner with an MCO that is focused on a critical area of workers’ compensation – return to work. Claims become lost time when an injured worker is off work more than seven days. Just one lost time claim can cost significant dollars. Your business can’t afford even one lost time claim.

  • CareWorks helped more Ohio workers injured in 2013 return to work than any other MCO.*
  • CareWorks had the best return to work rate for claims filed in 2013 for the five largest MCOs.*

“CareWorks’ customer service philosophy, effective return to work strategies and quality medical management efforts can provide significant benefits to employers. CareWorks can also deliver substantial medical savings through provider network discounts. These discounts can help employers reduce claim costs and help control future premiums,” comments Pat Perry, President of ERC.

“During this month-long open enrollment (ending May 23, 2014), ERC will be providing general information about MCOs through our online newsletter and dedicated email broadcasts to area organizations.  Our interest is to help educate employers about the open enrollment process and MCOs,” added Perry.

ERC Preferred Partner CareWorks provides Absence Management and FMLA Administration. ERC Members save 5% off per EE per month fee or a $500 discount off Initial Set-up Fee


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