9 of Our Favorite Human Resources Blogs

9 of Our Favorite Human Resources Blogs

9 of Our Favorite Human Resources Blogs best human resources blogs human resources blogs

When it comes to human resources blogs, there is no shortage of information available to readers. Whether you want the latest in recruitment, leadership and management, employment law, or you just want to learn about trends shaping the HR industry, there seems to be a blog for everything.

We picked some of our favorite HR blogs to follow based on posting consistency, content, followers and readership.


TLNT serves HR executives and directors who want to stay informed about the latest HR news-such as talent management, legal trends in the workforce, high performance workforce, compensation, benefits, organizational development, and training.

TLNT features multiple posts per day from professionals in the above areas.  

HR Bartender

The HR Bartender is run by Sharlyn Lauby, an HR pro turned consultant. However, guest posters do share additional content.

This blog focuses on everything from common problems in the workplace to career advancement, leadership and management, and office politics. Posts on the blog are usually updated 3-4 times a week.

Lauby also frequently answers reader’s questions about professional and career development.

The HR Capitalist

This blog, run by HR pro Kris Dunn, has a strong focus on recruiting and performance management. However, Dunn really keeps his blog broad with topics covering anything from 401(k) to employee relations to HR technology, legal affairs, employee retention and management.  Dunn posts 4-5 times a week.


Since its launch in 2010, TalentCulture has been growing its network for professionals who want to understand and shape the “human” side of business. Content on this blog includes workplace culture and innovation, leadership and talent management. Articles are posted multiple times a week.

Ohio Employer’s Law Blog

This blog, run by Jon Hyman, Partner of Meyers, Roman, Friedberg and Lewis, posts daily about employment law. Here you can find breaking news, updates about employment law with FMLA or ADA as well as trends within Employment Law. 

Hyman has been featured on radio stations such as NPR and even has a few books under his belt such as The Employer Bill of Rights: A Manager’s Guide to Workplace Law, which is designed to help business owners and managers navigate the ever-changing maze of labor and employment laws, rules, and regulations.

Human Resource Executive Online (HRE)

HRE is an HR strategy focused publication established in 1987. With contributors from all over, HRE covers topics on benefits, employment law, HR leadership, HR technology, and talent management.

In addition to keeping their audience up-to-date on HR-related news, HRE hosts multiple conferences every year and even has a print magazine subscription option.


This blog is great for HR professionals looking for resources within HR. It has a variety of helpful compliance tools, including a salary center to determine pay, training, an HR calculator, state laws and job descriptions just to name a few.

BLR’s attorneys and editors are constantly researching federal and state legislation, best practices, industry trends, and impending developments that can affect an organization to get professionals the most up to date information.

HR Morning

This blog provides up-to-date HR news, advice and awareness for HR managers and executives. Currently, it provides content on employment law, healthcare reform, management, hiring trends and retention and turnover. It is also geared toward small to medium sized businesses.

Evil HR Lady

Evil HR Lady, also known as Suzanne Lucas, started her blog in 2006. She spent 10 years in the corporate human resources world and continues to dive deep into HR topics. She has a great Twitter following and frequently contributes to other publications such as Inc.

ERC Blog

Of course we had to include our own human resources blog! On ERC’s blog, you will find weekly posts on everything from HR updates, employment law, local and national survey data and supervisor training—just to name a few!

ERC’s blog is unique in that it has contributors from its PartnersTrainers and HR pros.


The Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) is the world’s largest professional association devoted to human resource management. Its blog, run by the society, provides helpful resources for the Human Resources community.

Some of the resources SHRM provides include:

  • HR News: updated daily, this page provides the latest news and features articles from top staff-writers and external news of general interests to HR, plus major stories in HR, including disability employment, healthcare reform, wellness programs, retirement management, and workplace flexibility.
  • Tools: within this resource, you can find samples of job descriptions, local, state and federal resources, employee engagement surveys, SHRM certification FAQs and webcasts just to name a few.

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