4 Trends for Company Sponsored Activities This Summer

4 Trends for Company Sponsored Activities This Summer

4 Trends for Company Sponsored Activities This Summer

According to the 2017-2018 ERC Policies and Benefits Survey Report, about 65% of employers are providing organization sponsored activities, the most common of which are holiday parties and annual picnics.

Are you looking to evolve from your basic annual company sponsored summer picnic? Well look no further. Here are some of the trends we’ve noticed that may help you plan your summer celebration:

1. Volunteer Outing

If you’re looking for a non-traditional event for your employees to have some fun and bond, set up a volunteer day for your organization. Partner with a local nonprofit and do some good in your own backyard. You can have your whole time volunteer at a soup kitchen or food bank. The results you yield from an organization-wide volunteer day will be smiles, improved morale, and feelings of doing good in the world.

2. Interactive Events

Whether you’d like a more relaxing, laid-back activity for your team such as a painting class or you’re looking for something more exciting like go-kart racing, interactive activities for your team are on the up. A few suggestions include a painting class, a cooking class, laser tag, or room escape games. Bring out the inner child of your employees. They will have a blast and thank you for it!

3. Alcohol

So this one we don’t necessarily have at the top of list for suggestions but according to the 2017-2018 ERC Policies and Benefits Survey Report, 64% of employers provide alcohol free of charge to employees at these events. If you are going to opt for the more traditional company picnic and plan on providing alcohol, be sure to keep the organization out of liability by limiting consumption, communicating excessive consumption will not be tolerated, etc.

4. Family-Friendly

Go with a more grassroots approach for your organization’s event and invite employees’ families in on the fun. Put together an activity or two for the kids and have a cook out. This will enable more of your employees with children to join if it’s an event outside of work hours. It will also bring your team bonding up a notch by getting to know each other on a deeper level.

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