4 Out-of-the-Box Ideas to Grow Your Talent Pool

4 Out-of-the-Box Ideas to Grow Your Talent Pool

4 Out-of-the-Box Ideas to Grow Your Talent Pool

To hire and retain top talent, it’s important to keep up with the ever-changing methods of recruiting, onboarding and hiring.

We spoke with SueAnn Naso, President at Staffing Solutions, an organization specializing in career matchmaking and recruitment solutions and ERC Partner, about the top four innovative recruiting, onboarding and hiring practices they are seeing companies implement.

1. Social Sourcer v/s Traditional Recruiter

Gone are the days of the traditional recruiter who processes and activates endless candidates in the pipeline. Now companies are seeking the “social sourcer.” With a shrinking candidate pool and decreasing unemployment rate, it’s now a job-seekers’ market that requires sourcers to use creative techniques to identify top talent.

These social sourcers are joining industry specific LinkedIn Groups to identify passive candidates, building relationships with specific industry bloggers to reach wider audiences, and using auto-search agents on job boards to constantly seek new talent. Social sourcers sift through the layers of candidates to identify that “needle in the haystack” ideal fit for the position.

2. Gamification

One trend we have yet to encounter in the Northeast Ohio market, but is already taking hold on the east coast, is the gamification trend for onboarding new employees and virtual training. According to Jeanne C. Meister, author of The 2020 Workplace,

“Corporate training as we know it today will be transformed into a nimble social, fun and highly collaborative experience by 2020. Companies will rely on participatory peer-to-peer learning for at least 80% of all corporate learning. Some of the tools that will grow in importance include video games, simulations, and alternate reality games to develop leadership and complex critical thinking skills.”

We are already seeing the use of avatars crop up in ATS and EPM systems to make a more collaborative and interactive user experience.

3. Contract Workforce Optimization

It is a new trend we’re seeing that goes beyond the typical transaction of hiring a recruiting firm to fill temporary orders. Our client companies are looking for an extension of their HR team that will help the organization strategically optimize their temporary workforce, deliver cost-savings and build an ongoing pipeline of talent to tap into for contract positions, as well as, full-time hires into the company. As the talent pool continues to shrink, employers are looking to recruiting experts to help manage daily operations and plan for a long-term productive workforce.

4. Texting

With the limited pool of active candidates, recruiters and sources must attract and identify passive candidates. As a result, many working professionals being courted for a job opportunity expect the ability to text with a recruiter for updates, scheduling and coordinating next steps in the hiring process. Moreover, this shift in communication will only continue as more and more Millennials take over the workforce and prefer instant responses and open communication with potential employers.

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