2014 HR Compliance Timeline

2014 HR Compliance Timeline

2014 HR Compliance Timeline

This 2014 HR Compliance Timeline is meant to be a helpful tool in identifying and remembering important dates for HR professionals. You can also download a printable PDF version of this compliance timeline.

Due DateCompliance Requirement
January 1, 2014Ohio Minimum Wage change takes effect
January 1, 2014New defined benefit/contribution plan limits take effect
January 1, 2014Revised limits on health savings accounts (HSA) take effect
January 1, 2014FSA rule dropping “use it or lose it” requirement takes effect
January 1, 2014Health plan design requirements take effect under the Affordable Care Act (ACA)
January 1, 2014Rules regarding outcome-based wellness program incentives under the ACA take effect
January 1, 2014Rules for applying annual limits and preventative care to defined contribution health care plans take effect
January 1, 2014Individual health insurance mandate takes effect under the ACA
January 31, 2014W-2s need to be issued to employees by this date; W-2s need to include cost of employer-sponsored group health care coverage
January 31, 2014Form 940 due and Federal Unemployment Tax Rate (FUTA) needs to be deposited if owed
February 1, 2014OSHA 300 Log (Forms 300 & 300A) needs to be posted on February 1st through April 30th
February 10, 2014Form 940 due if FUTA deposits have been made on time
February 15, 2014W-4 changes must be made for employees claiming no exemptions last year
July 31, 2014Form 5500 due for calendar year defined contribution and benefit plans; Form 5500 due by the last day of the 7th month following end of the plan year for non-calendar year plans
September 30, 2014EE0-1 reporting deadline
VETS-100/100A Form filing deadline
Deadline for distributing Summary Annual Report (SAR) to participants of defined contribution plans
December 1, 2014Deadline for sending annual 401(k) and (m) safe harbor notice

Note: This chart is subject to change and more filing deadlines may apply for your specific organization than those listed in the chart.

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