During unexpected changes or crises, employees are more likely to be productive and stay with your organization if they can effectively manage stress.

Chronic stress negatively impacts us physically and emotionally, and it hurts our relationships. Even in the most challenging circumstances, it’s possible to practice self-care. Equipping employees with stress management tools and coping mechanisms will help them better perform, communicate, and stay productive.

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Details & Benefits of Stress Management for Turbulent Times

In Stress Management for Turbulent Times training, participants will learn practical skills that can be applied both personally and professionally. They’ll learn how to cope with stressful situations and understand the individual triggers that often influence their negative reactions.

Attendees will also realize what stress is, understand the importance of mindfulness, increase their capacity to effectively manage stress, and discover solutions to overcome any challenge.

In this training, attendees will learn how to:

  • Define the stress/thought cycle and learn how to interrupt it
  • Identify differences between stress, anxiety, and depression and determine appropriate responses
  • Challenge pessimistic stress narratives and replace them with “realistic optimism” and response styles
  • Practice practical coping strategies to gain perspective, calm the limbic system, and reduce racing thoughts

Who should attend Stress Management training:

Everyone. Stress management is an essential skill for all employees‚ from management to production workers.

What are the options for delivering this training?

ERC delivers this training in a variety of methods, including in webinar format and at your organization. Stress Management for Turbulent Times is offered as a full-day, half-day or lunch-and-learn program.

Delivery Methods:

Choose a delivery method that best fits the training needs of your organization.

  • In Webinar Format

    ERC Training delivers this Stress Management for Turbulent Times training in a live, interactive webinar format for organizations who need remote access.

  • At Your Organization

    ERC Training’s instructor-led Stress Management for Turbulent Times training can be customized for your organization for large groups of employees

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