This senior leadership team training series uses Wiley’s The Five Behaviors of a Cohesive Team™, which helps participants discover what it takes to achieve the ultimate competitive advantage of teamwork. ERC is an authorized partner of this Wiley training program.

This training series is for all senior leadership teams or any in-tact team that needs to improve their ability to work together.

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Details & Benefits of Senior Leadership Team Training Program

Effective team communication:

  • Understanding team dynamics
  • Identify your DiSC style
  • Develop an appreciation for other styles
  • Explore how you can adapt your style to enhance communication

Building team trust:

  • Understanding the impact of trust on performance
  • How is trust built or taken away
  • Learn how to give and receive feedback
  • Understand the expectations we have of each team member
  • What agreements can we make to become a more effective team

Resolving team differences:

  • Learn the sources of conflict
  • Learn the five conflict resolution strategies
  • Understand how to apply the most effective strategy
  • Learn the power of collaboration

Commitment and accountability:

  • Learn the definitions and applications of commitment and accountability
  • Receive feedback from the team on your commitments
  • Understand how teams make decisions
  • Identify which decisions are team decisions and which should be made elsewhere
  • Learn the common barriers to effective decision making

Leader’s role and change:

  • Learn what is the role of a leader
  • Understand the common attributes of effective leadership
  • Learn how to lead individuals and organizations through change
  • Analyze the current organization for the readiness for change

Enhancing personal performance:

  • Obtain personal feedback utilizing a 360-degree feedback instrument
  • Prioritize the feedback to apply to your work
  • Produce action plans that will enhance your leadership skills and organizational performance

What are the options for delivering this training?

Looking for another delivery method? Other levels of leadership development training are delivered in other formats, including at ERC’s training center in Ohio, in a webinar format, and in a train-the-trainer format.

Delivery Methods:
  • Webinar
  • At ERC
  • At Your Organization

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