Help your managers and supervisors set the right goals, manage conflict and change, and plan strategically with our Decision-Making training program. This training will equip managers and supervisors with decision-making models and tools, developing them into decisive, strategic thinkers who support overall organizational success.

Course Overview

Introduction to Decision Making

  • Overview of the decision making process.
  • The significance of making informed decisions in management roles.

Understanding Decision-Making Models

  • Detailed exploration of various decision-making models.
  • Comparison to understand which approaches are best suited for different types of decisions.

Navigating Complex Decisions

  • Techniques for breaking down complex problems into manageable parts.
  • Approaches for dealing with uncertainty during the decision-making process.

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Who Should Register for this Decision-Making Course

Newly promoted supervisor

New Supervisors or Managers

Newly appointed managers and supervisors who are transitioning from individual contributors to leadership roles will learn a structured approach to decision making, equipping them with models that can help navigate complex situations.

Supervisor who has never been in formal training

Experienced Managers Facing Change

Leaders in rapidly changing industries or those facing high-stakes decisions can benefit from learning (or re-learning) the strategies taught in this training program. They’ll gain insights into managing ambiguity effectively and making informed choices even under pressure.

Supervisor who wants to develop leadership skills

Organizational Leaders

Leaders will discover methods to refine their decision-making approach, ensuring their choices align with strategic goals. This training provides the frameworks needed to evaluate options critically and make effective decisions.

Key Learning Outcomes

Comprehensive Understanding of Decision-Making Models

Attendees will learn various decision-making models, enabling them to select and apply the most appropriate framework based on the context and complexity of the situation.

Improved Critical Thinking Skills

This training program will sharpen critical thinking skills, equipping managers with the skills needed to evaluate problems and identify potential solutions.

Confidence for Leadership Decisions

Managers and supervisors will develop a sense of intuition for making quick yet effective leadership decisions when time is limited or data is incomplete.

Strategic Impact Through Effective Choices

The training prepares leaders to make decisions that not only solve immediate issues but also contribute positively towards achieving long-term strategic goals.

Delivery Methods

We work with organizations to create a customized training solution, and we deliver the courses nationwide in a variety of formats. Our training program can be delivered in-person or virtually depending on your company’s needs. Training sessions can be delivered in half-day, full-day, or one-day workshop formats.

Prior to training, ERC performs an assessment of your organization’s needs to recommend the right structure and content. Modules can be customized based on the needs of your organization and training participants.

Traditional Classroom Format

Our traditional classroom format can be delivered at your organization, a facility of your choice, or at ERC’s Training Center. This format is best suited for small groups with no more than 25 people per class.

Virtual Format

Our virtual format is delivered live and can accommodate larger groups.

Led by Experienced Trainers

While some supervisory training programs are led by trainers who have never been in a supervisory role, ERC’s trainers bring decades of on-the-job supervisory, management, and leadership experience.

Our trainers pride themselves on being able to connect with today’s supervisors and frontline managers on the challenges and opportunities of the job.

Tom Ault

Tom Ault

bio photo of ERC Trainer Chris Powers

Chris Powers

bio photo of ERC Trainer Nada Djordjevich

Nada Djordevich

Damon Linder

Damon Lindor

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, this training program emphasizes the application of decision-making skills through real-life scenarios that managers and supervisors often encounter. By rehearsing these situations, participants learn common techniques for evaluating different courses of action, enabling them to apply what they’ve learned directly to their work environment. This practical approach ensures that attendees go from theory to application and learn how to implement each technique effectively in day-to-day decisions.

Yes. The ability to make informed, strategic decisions impacts every aspect of a manager or supervisor’s role—from daily operational choices to long-term planning. An effective leader must be able to navigate a variety of scenarios that require quick thinking and decisive action. When managers improve their capacity to make sound managerial decisions, it not only improves the efficiency and productivity of their team but also supports overall organizational goals.