ERC offers both Stay Interviews and Exit Interviews to support a comprehensive employee feedback program. By engaging in meaningful conversations with your team members throughout their tenure, we aim to help you uncover insights to increase retention, boost employee satisfaction, and gain valuable insights into the factors driving turnover. Our expert facilitators can help you build a stronger, more resilient workforce by tapping into the valuable perspectives of your employees, both present and past.

Stay Interviews

In today’s competitive job market, retaining talent is essential to the success and growth of any organization. Companies invest significant time, effort, and resources in attracting and hiring the best employees, but it’s equally important to focus on strategies that keep them engaged and committed in the long run. This is where Stay Interviews come in. ERC offers a comprehensive service designed to improve employee engagement, increase retention rates, and reduce “quiet quitting.”

Stay interviews are a proactive approach to employee engagement that involve focus groups or one-on-one conversations with employees. Unlike traditional exit interviews, which are conducted when an employee is leaving the organization, stay interviews take place while the employee is still actively employed. The goal is to identify and address potential issues or concerns that may impact their job satisfaction, engagement, and overall retention.

Here’s how it works:

Employee Engagement Survey

Stay Interviews often start with an Employee Engagement Survey in order to measure employee satisfaction, gather insights, and identify areas for improvement. It provides a platform for employees to share their feedback anonymously, enabling us to identify patterns and themes to follow-up during the interview process.

Structured Interviews

Our team of experienced HR professionals collaborates with your organization to develop a tailored stay interview structure that aligns with your company culture, values, and goals. We take into consideration industry best practices and customize the questions to address specific challenges and opportunities within your organization.

Focus Groups are generally structured with 10 people in a group at a time and last around one hour.

One-on-One Conversations generally last around 20 minutes and can be conducted on-site or virtually. All responses from participants are recorded anonymously and upheld with strict confidentiality.

Actionable Insights

After the interviews, ERC develops a summary of conversations and provides a report with actionable insights from the interview data. We provide analysis of the common themes and trends identified during the interviews, enabling your organization to make data-driven decisions and implement targeted strategies for improvement.

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Exit Interviews

When an employee decides to leave an organization, it presents an opportunity for valuable insights and learning that can contribute to the company’s future success. Exit Interviews are a crucial tool in gathering feedback, understanding employee experiences, and identifying areas for improvement. ERC’s Exit Interviews service is designed to optimize the value of exit interviews and facilitate knowledge transfer, enabling your organization to learn and grow from every employee departure.

Exit Interviews offer the following key features:

Structured Interviews

Our team of HR professionals provides organizations with structured exit interview questions and can adjust them based on their specific needs. We provide a set of questions that delve into the employee’s experiences, reasons for leaving, and suggestions for improvement, ensuring that no valuable information is overlooked.

Expert Interviewers

Conducting exit interviews can be challenging, as departing employees may feel hesitant to share their true thoughts and experiences. Conducting exit interviews through a third party like ERC creates a more comfortable environment, encouraging departing employees to provide honest and constructive feedback. Our HR consultants are also experienced and know when to gently probe deeper for the truth.

Confidentiality and Anonymity

Confidentiality is paramount in exit interviews. No matter the company size, ERC’s exit interviews ensure that all responses are treated with the utmost confidentiality, allowing departing employees to share their thoughts openly and honestly. ERC will provide an agreement as part of the offboarding process to conduct exit interviews.

Analysis and Reporting

ERC can provide a summary of findings that highlights common themes, trends, and patterns emerging from the feedback. These insights help organizations identify recurring issues, gaps, and areas of improvement, providing a foundation for strategic decision-making and action planning.