2018 HR Compliance Timeline

2018 HR Compliance Timeline

2018 HR Compliance Timeline

Compliance is a key element to the success of any business. The stack of forms to fill out and continual upcoming deadlines can be overwhelming. We’ve created the 2018 HR Compliance Timeline to help you stay on top of it. 

Monday, January 1

  • Ohio Minimum Wage is $8.30 per hour (For your state’s minimum wage, visit the DOL’s Wage and Hour Division.)
  • Federal Contractors minimum wage is $10.32 per hour. Tipped employees working on or in connection with covered federal contracts minimum wage is $7.25 per hour.
  • FSA limits at $2,650
  • HSA limits for self-only contribution is $3,450, and Family contribution is $6,900
  • 401K contribution limit $18,500

Wednesday, January 31

  • Deadline for employers to furnish Form W-2 to employers and Form 1099 to contractors, vendors, etc. for work performed in 2017
  • Deadline to file Forms W-2, W-3, 8027, 1099, and 1096 to the appropriate agencies (electronic and paper)
  • Deadline to furnish employees with Form 1095-C

Tuesday, February 28

  • Deadline to file forms 1094-C and 1095-C by paper

Saturday, March 31

  • Deadline to submit EEO-1 survey data selected from a payroll period from Q4 of the calendar year 2017

Monday, April 2

  • Deadline to file forms 1094-C and 1095-C electronically

Sunday, July 1

  • Deadline for establishments with 250 + employees in industries covered by the OSHA recordkeeping regulation (and establishments with 20-249 employees in certain high-risk industries) to submit information from all 2017 forms: 300A, 300, and 301.

Please note that all due dates and compliance requirements were compiled for the State of Ohio. By providing you with research information that may be contained in this article, ERC is not providing a qualified legal opinion. As such, research information that ERC provides to its readers should not be relied upon or considered a substitute for legal advice. The information that we provide is for general employer use and not necessarily for individual application.

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Want to make sure that you don’t forget any of these important compliance deadlines throughout the year? Print the HR compliance timeline and hang it at your desk.

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