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Published: January 2024

Scope: National

Positions Surveyed: 151

Coordinated by: MRA

About the 2024 EAA National Wage & Salary Survey Report

This survey reports annual salary and wage information on 144,991 employees in 151 managerial, professional, and supervisory; non-exempt hourly and technical; and industrial and production positions. Fifteen employers’ associations from across the U.S. reported data for select jobs drawn from their local surveys. The survey reports the weighted average and median for each job.

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Positions Surveyed for the 2024 EAA National Wage & Salary Survey

Positions are organized alphabetically by category

Categories A–F

Administrative Office – Services
Administrative Assistant I
Administrative Assistant II
Administrative Assistant III
Administrative Assistant to Chief Executive Officer
Sales / Marketing Assistant
Telephone Operator / Receptionist / Secretary
General Clerk I (Entry Level)
General Clerk II (Experienced)
General Clerk III (Advanced)
Data Entry Operator I (Entry)
Data Entry Operator II (Experienced)
Administrative Office – Services Management
Office Administrator (Small Company or Branch Office)
Customer Service
Customer Service Representative I (Entry)
Customer Service Representative II (Experienced)
Customer Service Representative III (Technical Advisor)
Customer Service Supervisor
Customer Service Manager
Customer Service Director
Engineering – Design
Cad Drafter I (Detail)
Cad Drafter II (Layout)
Cad Drafter III (Design)
Drafting Supervisor
Drafting And Documentation Manager
Engineering – Manufacturing
Methods & Process Technician I (Entry)
Methods & Process Technician II (Experienced)
Methods & Process Technician III (Advanced)
Engineering – Management
Director of Engineering
Vice President of Engineering
Facilities Management/Maintenance/Construction
Facilities Manager I (Single Location)
Facilities Manager II (Multi-Location)
Building / Grounds Maintenance Mechanic I
Building / Grounds Maintenance Mechanic II
Electrician I (Assistant)
Electrician II (Journey)
Electrician III (Master)
Office Janitor
Operating Engineer Hvac
Plant Janitor / Sanitation
Financial – Cost Accounting
Cost Accountant I
Cost Accountant II
Cost Accountant III
Cost Accounting Manager
Financial – General Accounting
Accounting Clerk I (Entry)
Accounting Clerk II (Experienced)
Accounting Clerk III (Advanced)
Bookkeeper (Small Company)
Accountant I
Accountant II
Accountant III
General Accounting Supervisor
General Accounting Manager
Financial – Payroll
Payroll Clerk I
Payroll Clerk II
Payroll Supervisor / Administrator
Payroll Supervisor / Manager

Categories H-P

HR – General
Human Resource Assistant
Human Resource Generalist
Human Resource Generalist, Senior
Human Resource Manager
Human Resource Director
Human Resource VP/SVP
Marketing Generalist I
Marketing Generalist II
Marketing Generalist III
Marketing Manager
Material Handling
Forklift Driver (Power)
Material Handler and/or Warehouse Laborer
Shipping and/or Receiving Clerk
Materials – Inventory/Warehousing
Inventory Control Clerk / Cycle Counter
Inventory Control Manager
Warehouse (Shipping / Receiving) Supervisor
Warehouse Manager
Materials – Purchasing
Purchasing Clerk
Buyer I
Buyer II
Buyer III (Purchasing Agent)
Purchasing Supervisor
Purchasing Manager
Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN)
Registered Nurse (RN)
Printing Support
Graphic Artist
Production – Assembly
Light Assembler I (Non-Complex)
Light Assembler II (Moderate Complexity)
Light Assembler III (High Complexity)
Production – Control
Production Planner / Scheduler I
Production Planner / Scheduler II
Production Planner / Scheduler III (Master)
Production Control Manager
Production – Labor
General Heavy Production Labor
General Light Production Labor
Production – Machine Maintenance
CNC Machining Center Operator I
CNC Machining Center Operator II
CNC Machining Center Operator III
Machine Tool Operator I
Machine Tool Operator II
Machine Tool Operator III
Machinist I
Machinist II
Machinist III
Production – Supervisory
Machine Shop Supervisor – Job Shop & Tool Room
Machine Shop Supervisor – Production
Production Supervisor – Unskilled Operation
Production Supervisor – Semi-Skilled Operation
Production Supervisor – Skilled Operation
Trades Supervisor – Production Support
Production Support – Tool Room
Tool And Die Maker I
Tool And Die Maker II
Tool And Die Maker III
Production – Welding
Welder I
Welder II
Production – Management
Manufacturing Manager (Single-Facility)
Plant Manager
Project Management
Project Manager
Senior Project Manager

Categories Q-T

Quality Inspector / Auditor I
Quality Inspector / Auditor II
Quality Inspector / Auditor III
Quality Manager
Safety & Security
Safety Specialist
Safety Manager
Service Field
Field Service Technician I (Entry)
Field Service Technician II (Experienced)
Field Service Technician III (Advanced)
Field Service Manager
Traffic & Fleet
Traffic Dispatcher
Traffic Manager
Driver I
Driver II
Driver III (Local)
Driver IV (Over the Road
Training Specialist I
Training Specialist II
Training Manager

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