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Published: September 2022

Scope: National

Participants: 201

About the 2022 EAA National IT & Engineering Compensation Survey

The EAA National IT & Engineering Compensation Survey presents total compensation data, with breakouts for base and variable pay provided by 1,612 participating organizations across the country, including 20 organizations from here in Northeast Ohio, for 31,071 individual employees across 201 positions.

In addition to total responses, positions include breakouts for region, industry, sales/operating or asset size, and employee count, allowing users to more closely match the market segment. Organizations with a market pricing strategy for recruiting, retaining, and compensating information technology and engineering professionals will find this useful in positioning themselves for talent.

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Positions Surveyed for the 2022 EAA National IT & Engineering Compensation Survey

Positions are organized alphabetically by category

Categories A–D

Aeronautical / Aerospace Engineering
Aeronautical / Aerospace Engineer II (Experienced)
Aeronautical/ Aerospace Engineer V Senior Principal)
Applications Developer/Programmer
Application Developer / Programmer I (Entry)
Application Developer / Programmer II (Experienced)
Application Developer / Programmer III (Advanced)
Application Developer / Programmer IV (Principal)
Application Developer / Programmer Manager
Business Analyst
Business Analyst I (Entry)
Business Analyst II (Intermediate)
Business Analyst III (Advanced)
Business Analyst IV (Principal)
ERP Business Analyst I (Entry)
ERP Business Analyst II (Experienced)
ERP Business Analyst III (Advanced)
ERP Business Analyst IV (Principal)
ERP Programming Analyst I (Entry)
ERP Programming Analyst II (Experienced)
ERP Programming Analyst III (Advanced)
ERP Programming Analyst IV (Principal)
ERP Project/Programming Analyst Manager
Chemical Engineering
Chemical Engineer II (Experienced)
Chemical Engineer III (Senior)
Chemical Engineer IV (Principal)
Chemical Engineer V (Senior Principal)
Chemist I
Chemist II
Chemist III
Chemist IV
Civil Engineering
Civil Engineer I (Associate)
Civil Engineer II (EIT)
Civil Engineer III (PE)
Civil Engineer IV (PE) (Principal)
Civil Engineer V (PE) (Senior Principal)
Civil Engineering Manager
Database Administration
Data Warehousing Administrator
Data Entry Supervisor
Data Security Analyst
Data Security Manager
Database Administrator
Database Analyst II (Experienced)
Database Analyst III (Advanced)
Database Analyst IV (Principal)
Database Manager
Design Engineering
Design Engineer I (Associate)
Design Engineer II (Experienced)
Design Engineer III (Senior)
Design Engineer IV (Principal)
Design Engineer V (Senior Principal)
Design Engineering Manager
Design Engineering Technician I (Entry)
Design Engineering Technician II (Experienced)
Design Engineering Technician III (Advanced)
Designer (Non-Degreed Engineer)
Engineering Project Manager (R&D)
Senior Designer (Non-Degreed Engineer)
Drafting and Documentation Manager
Drafting Supervisor
Technical Writer I
Technical Writer II
Technical Writer III

Categories E–N

Electrical/ Electronics Engineering
Electrical/ Electronics Engineer I (Associate)
Electrical/ Electronics Engineer II (Experienced)
Electrical/ Electronics Engineer III (Senior)
Electrical/ Electronics Engineer IV (Principal)
Electrical/ Electronics Engineer V (Senior Principal)
Engineering Management
Director of Engineering
Engineering Supervisor
Vice President of Engineering
Generic Engineering
Generic Engineer I (Associate)
Generic Engineer II (Experienced)
Generic Engineer III (Senior)
Generic Engineer IV (Principal)
Generic Engineer V (Senior Principal)
Human Resources Information Systems Analyst
Human Resources Information Systems Analyst I
Human Resources Information Systems Analyst II
Human Resources Information Systems Manager
Industrial Engineering
Industrial Engineer I (Associate)
Industrial Engineer II (Experienced)
Industrial Engineer III (Senior)
Industrial Engineer IV (Principal)
Industrial Engineer V (Senior Principal)
IT Management
Chief Information Officer (CIO)
IT Director
IT Manager (Corporate Organizations)
IT Manager (Single Location)
IT Project Manager
IT Management
Chief Information Officer (CIO)
IT Director
IT Manager (Corporate Organizations)
IT Manager (Single Location)
IT Project Manager
Manufacturing / Process Engineering
CNC Programmer I
CNC Programmer II (Advanced)
Continuous Improvement / Lean Coordinator
Manager of Lean Enterprise
Manufacturing / Process Engineer I (Associate)
Manufacturing / Process Engineer II (Experienced)
Manufacturing / Process Engineer III (Senior)
Manufacturing / Process Engineer IV (Principal)
Manufacturing / Process Engineer V (Senior Principal)
Manufacturing Engineering Manager
Methods & Process Technician I (Entry)
Methods & Process Technician II (Experienced)
Methods & Process Technician III (Advanced)
Six Sigma Master Black Belt
Top Management of Lean Enterprise
Computer Technician I (Entry)
Computer Technician II (Experienced)
Computer Technician III (Advanced)
Mechanical Engineering
Mechanical Engineer I (Associate)
Mechanical Engineer II (Experienced)
Mechanical Engineer III (Senior)
Mechanical Engineer IV (Principal)
Mechanical Engineer V (Senior Principal)
LAN Administrator/Manager (Single Facility)
LAN/WAN Analyst II (Experienced)
LAN/WAN Analyst III (Advanced)
Network Administrator
Network Engineer I (Entry)
Network Engineer II (Experienced)
Network Engineer III (Advanced)
Systems Administrator
Unix Administrator, Senior
WAN Administrator/Manager

Categories O–Z

Operating Systems
Computer Operations Manager
Computer Operations Supervisor
Computer Operator I (Entry)
Computer Operator II (Experienced)
Computer Operator III (Advanced)
Manager, Computer Operations and Operating Systems Programming
Operating Systems Programmer I (Entry)
Operating Systems Programmer II (Experienced)
Operating Systems Programmer III (Advanced)
Operating Systems Programming Supervisor
Overall Programming/System Analyst Management
Manager Application Systems Analysis/Programming and Operating Systems Programming
Quality / Test Engineering
Laboratory/Test Technician I (Entry)
Laboratory/Test Technician II (Experienced)
Laboratory/Test Technician III (Advanced)
Quality / Test Engineer I (Associate)
Quality / Test Engineer II (Experienced)
Quality / Test Engineer III (Senior)
Quality / Test Engineer IV (Principal)
Quality / Test Engineer V (Senior Principal)
Sales / Applications Engineering
Sales / Applications Engineer I (Associate)
Sales / Applications Engineer II (Experienced)
Sales / Applications Engineer III (Senior)
Sales / Applications Engineer IV (Principal)
Sales / Applications Engineer IV (Senior Principal)
Software Engineering
Software Engineer I (Associate)
Software Engineer II (Experienced)
Software Engineer III (Senior)
Software Engineer IV (Principal)
Software Engineer V (Senior Principal)
Systems Analysis / Programming
Application Programming Analyst I (Entry)
Application Programming Analyst II (Experienced)
Application Programming Analyst III (Advanced)
Application Programming Analyst IV (Principal)
Application Programming Analyst Manager
Director of Telecommunications Services
Telecommunications Operations Manager, Data and Voice
Telecommunications Programmer/ Systems Analyst II (Experienced)
Telecommunications Programmer/ Systems Analyst III (Advanced)
Telecommunications Technician II (Experienced)
Telecommunications Technician III (Advanced)
User Support
Help Desk I (Entry)
Help Desk II (Experienced)
Help Desk III (Advanced)
Help Desk Manager
PC Specialist
Technical Support Analyst
Technology Trainer
Web Administrator
Web Content Administrator
Web Graphics Designer I
Web Graphics Designer II
Web Software Developer I (Entry)
Web Software Developer II (Experienced)
Web Software Developer III (Advanced)
Web Software Developer IV (Principal)

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