Whether someone is new to human resources or simply wants to advance their knowledge and understanding, HR One-on-One covers the critical components HR professionals need to know. This one-on-one session with a credentialed HR Consultant helps leaders build the right set of skills and knowledge to implement best practices that will successfully support HR initiatives and drive business outcomes.

HR Guidance to Minimize Risk & Maximize Business Results

Depending on your HR goals, this consultative program can include one or two sessions focused on foundational human resources knowledge and skills and HR compliance.

What You’ll Learn:

You’ll learn about workplace requirements, the employee journey, and required U.S. employment laws.

HR Essentials

  • Required labor law and workplace practice obligations
  • Recruitment, hiring, and onboarding best practices
  • Employee documents and recordkeeping
  • Managing employee performance and engagement
  • Employee discipline and termination of employment

Employment Laws You Need to Know

  • What is covered and not covered under the FLSA
  • How to calculate an employee’s regular rate of pay and overtime
  • Classifying employees as exempt or non-exempt
  • Examples of compensable working time
  • When and how to provide eligible employees with 12 weeks of unpaid, job-protected leave each year
  • FMLA notice requirements
  • What an employer must do to comply with the ADA
  • When an accommodation becomes an undue hardship

Features of HR One-on-One

  • Get One-on-One Instruction from an HR Consultant
  • Each Session is 3 Hours
  • Choose One or Both Sessions
  • Schedule on Your Time
  • Earn 3 SHRM Continuing Education Credits for Each Session

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HR Data Supports Successful Business Decisions

When companies undergo a merger, they must take the time to understand each other’s respective cultures, processes, systems, and workforces. Through our rich hiring and compensation data and support from our HR advisors, National Interstate Insurance was able to successfully merge three distinct companies and meet growth projections.