Whether someone is new to employee compensation or simply wants to advance their knowledge, Compensation One-on-One covers the critical components HR and finance professionals need to know. This one-on-one session with a credentialed Compensation Consultant helps leaders build the right set of skills and knowledge to implement best practices that will successfully support HR initiatives and drive business outcomes.

Compensation Guidance to Attract, Reward & Retain Employees

This consultative session provides a general overview of the guiding principles that govern sound compensation management.

What You’ll Learn:

You will learn where to start and how to set a foundation for success, how to build a Total Rewards-based employee value proposition, and how to use compensation as an effective tool to attract, reward, and retain employees.

Discussion Topics Include:

  • Forming a compensation philosophy and strategy 
  • Building an employee value proposition
  • Market pricing and job grading
  • Designing a base salary structure
  • Performing an incumbent analysis
  • Addressing external and internal equity
  • Customizing compensation solutions to your organization

Features of Comp One-on-One

  • Get One-on-One Instruction from a Compensation Consultant
  • Includes One, 90-Minute Session
  • Schedule on Your Time
  • Earn 1.5 SHRM Continuing Education Credits

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HR Data Supports Successful Business Decisions

When companies undergo a merger, they must take the time to understand each other’s respective cultures, processes, systems, and workforces. Through our rich hiring and compensation data and support from our HR advisors, National Interstate Insurance was able to successfully merge three distinct companies and meet growth projections.