Tom Riley

Tom Riley

Tom Riley is a certified safety professional with over 20 years of experience in heavy industry.

Tom retired from FirstEnergy after 36 years of service and is now heading up his own safety business. Prior to working at FirstEnergy, Tom spent six years in the Navy as a reactor operator onboard a nuclear submarine.

At FirstEnergy, Tom worked at nuclear, fossil, and gas turbine facilities. He has held positions in the operations and training departments at the Perry Nuclear Power Plant, Electrical Control room operator at a fossil facility, and Safety and Health Administrator for the Technical Services department.

In his safety role at First Energy, Tom worked in the External Business office of FirstEnergy Corp providing Safety and Health services for over 200 companies across the country. From plastics and food processing to mechanical contractors and motor sports, Tom has a very well-rounded perspective on the field of safety and health.

In 2018, Tom established his own business, where he continues to provide safety services to numerous companies across Ohio and beyond.

Tom is a Certified Safety Professional, a member of the American Society of Safety Engineers, and an OSHA authorized instructor for General Industry and Construction. He holds numerous safety certifications and licenses.

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• Certified Safety Professional
• Member of the American Society of Safety Engineers
• OSHA Authorized Instructor for General Industry and Construction