Damaris Patterson Price

Damaris Patterson Price

Damaris Patterson Price is a trainer, keynote speaker, presenter, and author.

Professional Background

To Damaris, a leadership consultant, executive coach, adjunct professor, and facilitator, the purpose of her work is uncomplicated and clear: to help people walk in their unique brand of leadership in ways that are evident and add value to their organizations and themselves.

As a human resources veteran, Damaris’ work is the product of nearly 30 years in the people-development business focused on the growth of leadership talent for next-level positions. Informed by her own experiences coaching and managing leaders, her solutions have been effectively applied by a broad and diverse spectrum of people within corporate retail firms, chemical companies, financial services, marketing and PR firms, higher education and independent school administration, insurance providers, tech companies, nonprofits, specialty food manufacturers, foundations, professional associations, large hospital systems, and law firms.

From nuanced individual development to a strategic talent transformation, Damaris’ engagements consistently result in:

• Employees moving on strategic directives with competence and enthusiasm
• Managers reengineering how they drive increases in performance
• Teams synergizing around a company culture that values diversity, equity, and inclusion
• Leadership teams aligning around a unified mission and message
• Workgroups reenergizing and re-engaging despite change-fatigue
• Professionals manifesting their own unique leadership brands
• Promoted leaders walking confidently in their new next-level positions

Educational Background

Damaris Patterson Price holds a master’s degree in organizational psychology. Damaris is a certified Organizational Development and Diversity practitioner, as well as a Board-Certified Executive Coach with additional credentials from the Gestalt Institute of Cleveland and Forbes Coaches Council. Damaris and her children, a set of twins, live in northeast Ohio.

Keynote Speaker Topics

Core Leadership

• The Architecture of Leadership | Leadership Dimension | Leadership & Management
• DIBs: Diversity, Inclusion & Belonging & The Culturally Competent Leadership

Career Development

• From Order Taker to Influencer | Influencing without Formal Authority
• Do-It-Yourself Development Planning & Building Your Professional Brand

Applied Leadership

• Start-to-Finish Performance Management
• Leading through Change: Beyond the Mechanics of Change Management
• Diagnosing Performance & Developing Employee at All Levels of Performance

Relational Leadership

• Versatile Communication & Agile Influencing
• Building & Leveraging Relationship Capital
• The Consultative Approach to Client Relations & Problem-Solving