From Leader to Leader: ERC President Kelly Keefe Talks Employee Well-Being

From Leader to Leader: ERC President Kelly Keefe Talks Employee Well-Being

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Given today’s political and financial climate, your employees may be feeling uneasy and uncertain about the future. Leaders have an opportunity to help employees better manage their worries and stress by increasing their organization’s efforts around their employee well-being programs.

Here are some successful well-being initiatives that award-winning organizations in Northeast Ohio have implemented to support and retain their employees.

1. Offer Employee Assistance Programs (EAPs) 

Based on ERC’s NorthCoast 99 data, 95% of winning organizations have an Employee Assistance Program (EAP).  An EAP assists employees with both personal and work-related issues that may adversely affect their overall well-being and job performance. EAPs offer a whole suite of services, including confidential counseling sessions and financial and legal services to help workers handle work and life challenges.

“We send periodic emails to remind employees about our Employee Assistance Program.”
– 2022 NorthCoast 99 Winner

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2. Regularly Check In With Employees 

Nearly all of the 2022 NorthCoast 99 winning organizations have an established practice of checking in with employees to assess their well-being and to let them know leaders care about their health and job satisfaction. These check-in meetings focus on a variety of topics, including organizational support, work-life balance, and employee mental health. 

“We encourage managers to schedule individual and/or area coffee chats, ‘happy hours,’ and personal celebrations either virtually or in person. We also encourage them to check in with employees to make sure they have everything they need and to inquire about anything else that could help them to achieve professional and personal goals. We prioritize the need to establish regular check-ins particularly with those who are working in remote settings.” – 2022 NorthCoast 99 Winner

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3. Provide Mental Health Resources

Leaders at top companies place an extra emphasis on mental health. From offering full-time employees extra paid time off for relaxation and wellness to providing managers with mental health information and resources for employees who turn to them for assistance, award-winning organizations are finding innovative and creative ways to support the mental health of their workers. 

“To address stress and burnout, we expedite appointments for staff to meet with mental health clinicians.” – 2022 NorthCoast 99 Winner

While we can’t predict what the future has to hold, prioritizing employee well-being now will only serve your employees and overall organization in the short and long term. And if we’ve learned anything over the last few years, a healthy workforce equals a healthy bottom line. 

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Kelly Keefe, SHRM-SCP
President, ERC