When you accept the role and responsibility as Project Manager on a project, the organization is entrusting you to be the steward and driver of that particular investment. While you may not have much direct authority over the project resources, you are still the leader of this effort – a leader who needs to work through the very real challenges of getting a diverse set of people all working towards a common goal.

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Details & Benefits of Project Management Training

Project Management (Basic)

In this workshop, attendees explore a systematic and flexible project management methodology for scoping, staffing, resourcing, scheduling, and leading any kind of project; focusing on a set of six core success factors for proactive planning in a dynamic multitasking environment. Tools to help participants transfer their learning to their work will be introduced.

Key Learning Points:

  • Defining targets, deliverables, and risks
  • Preventing barriers to success
  • Planning based on data
  • Keeping track of activities, people, and resources
  • Managing unknowns, changes, and problems
  • Utilizing the strengths of the team
  • Learning from success and identifying new opportunities

Project Management (Advanced)

This interactive and exercise-intensive session will focus on some of the challenging and key topics for project leadership. It is geared toward those who have previously worked on project management teams. Participants work in teams to use their own relevant projects as the focal point for the learning, practice, and applications.

Key Learning Points:

  • Advanced Project Management training will deepen the understanding of the expectations and duties of a Project Manager as the key driver of progress on any project.
  • The training will also advance Project Management effectiveness by focusing on the real challenges of:
    • Conflict Management – Sources, reactions, responses, and approaches
    • Negotiation – Internal and external factors and influences, and techniques and approaches
    • Decision-Making – Surveying the environment, assessment of risks, decision delivery, and monitoring and adjusting
    • Contract Management – Surveying various legal contracts
    • Improved Communication Techniques – Best practices for emailing

Delivery Methods:

  • In Webinar Format
    ERC delivers this Project Management training in a live, interactive webinar format for organizations that need remote access.
  • At Your Organization or Location of Choice
    ERC’s instructor-led Project Management training can be customized and brought to your organization or location of choice for large groups of employees.

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