Continuous improvement is all about becoming and remaining the best in any business or industry.

While continuous improvement is important, it is the rate of continuous improvement that counts. It must be faster than that of any competitor. Problems can be segregated into two categories:

  1. Large problems that require serious management involvement.
  2. A myriad of small problems that can be tackled by the workforce if they are trained in the appropriate tools.

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Details & Benefits of Beyond Continuous Improvement Training

What will participants learn from this training?

  • How to pick the right tools to sustain your continuous improvement efforts
  • How to plan as well as prioritize your continuous improvement commitment
  • How to choose between Six Sigma, Lean, Theory of Constraints, etc.
  • Tools for combining processes with systems
  • How to manage flow
  • Identifying and eliminating waste

Where is this training delivered?

ERC delivers Beyond Continuous Improvement training in webinar format or at your organization for groups of employees.

Delivery Methods:
  • Webinar
  • At ERC
  • At Your Organization
  • Train the Trainer

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