ERC recognizes that sustainable change occurs when a leader focuses on modifying ineffective behaviors. 

Based on a targeted coaching model, this highly focused, tailored coaching program identifies core areas of opportunity for a candidate to become a more effective leader or individual contributor.  This program is designed to address the needs of the participant and organization.

How the Developmental Skills Coaching Process Works

ERC will complete an initial interview with the client company and key stakeholders to determine desired outcomes. Participants will then complete a series of ERC-administered assessments to determine areas for coaching opportunities.

The individual participants will meet with their coach to review the results of their assessment and discuss the outcomes their organization is seeking.

An action plan is then developed with the participant, their organization, and their coach. It is followed by action plan implementation coaching sessions between the participant and their coach.

Why Developmental Skills Coaching Benefits Participants & Organizations

  • Complete confidentiality between the coach and the participant
  • Increased engagement and confidence from the participant, benefiting the individual and employer
  • Customized programs that meet the needs of the individual and the employer

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